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New Brewery Set to Open on 10th May in Ashford

The Curios Brewery is due to open this Friday and is ready to become the centre of Chapel Down's beer branch. Chapel Down are based in Tenterden and are well-known for their wine, which has won many awards

The site's history, and a memorable Ashford resident, will be reflected in the name of the brewhouse.

It will be named "Miss Adams" after a headteacher of the school which formerly occupied the Victoria Road site.

Known as Beaver Road School, the educational institute was demolished in a bombing raid that took place on March 24, 1943 and killed 50 people.

The death toll could have been much higher, had Miss Ellen Adams not heard a distant air raid warning.

She quickly and calmly evacuated the 300 pupils, and was later given an award for her efforts in keeping every child unharmed.

The production half of the complex will therefore bear her name

Curios Brewery image courtesy of Chapel Down

New Brewery Set to Open on 10th May in Ashford

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