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Trooping The Colour

This weekend, we are celebrating the official birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

This weekend will see many people celebrating the Queen's official birthday. The Trooping of The Colour takes place on Saturday at Buckingham Palace. The Monarch is the Colonel in Chief of all 7 regiments of the Household Division, who take it in strict rotation to be presented with the new colour. The word 'Troop' comes from the tune that was played as the Colour was paraded. The flag bearing the Colour, was the symbol to which soldiers rallied in the heat of battle!  The ceremony is also a royal review by the Monarch of the troops. It did not become an annual event until 1805 to celebrate George III's birthday.

The procession to and from Buckingham Palace is free to attend and starts at 1015 am. 

Trooping The Colour

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